Sunday, November 27

Thanksgiving weekend

Happy Belated Thanksgiving to everyone reading, I hope yours was as perfect as mine!

It really was the best I've ever had. The dinner, hosted by my coworker and friend, was delicious and monstrous and full of great people. Brady and I left around 10:30, full and happy (and in my case a little bit tipsy from the punch), and drove to the ocean to take a walk along the Santa Monica pier. We stopped in the sand mid-walk to swing on the swing set, and once we got to the end of the pier, we saw DOLPHINS. Seriously, who ends their Thanksgiving by standing at the edge of the Western World and watching dolphins jump out of the ocean in front of them?!  While we were walking I mentioned that it was one of those crazy moments when the life that you've created for yourself becomes just a little bit unbelievable. Such a cool night.

Friday I saw the Muppet movie and played with Mike's family's new puppy who is THE SOFTEST. We also kidnapped Ian and watched Xanadu and drank and played Apples to Apples and then decided to go to Palos Verdes after an awesome breakfast (lunch) at Wood Cafe the next day. He had never been there before, but his reaction the entire time was along the lines of, "This can't be real" so I think he liked it =)

Today I was lazy. It felt ok to lounge, but now I'm restless and in need of some dancing around so BYE

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