Tuesday, November 15


I leave work every day knowing that no matter how stressed out I am, I have something wonderful to come home to (talking about my life in general, kids. Although I do love coming home to Bella's furry little black face and listening to her yell at me for leaving her alone all day) and that also makes me wake up every day smiling and ready for the day. My best friend has been battling evil people left and right lately and I just don't get it. I might get a little bit feisty sometimes but my bark is WAY worse than my bite, and I hope that I'm considered a nice person who doesn't thrive on power or putting other people in a bad place. Because that's just no way to live. Yet it seems like everyone in the whole world is dealing with the same situation with bad people lately. STOP IT.

I'm 9 episodes into One Tree Hill...watching from start to finish on Netflix and I don't EVEN care what anyone has to say about it. I love that show, and I love my teenage girl taste in tv and movies. My brain spins at a million miles an hour all the time, and it's nice to get caught up in something dumb. Before OTH it was The Wonder Years, which just made my heart grow ten sizes :)

Words have been a bit of a struggle lately. Music seems to make much more sense when it comes to lining up how I feel, even more so than usual. Even this blog post is difficult because I have so much to say I don't know where to start, so I just end up typing weird paragraphs and deleting them or just not saying what I want to say to begin with. I thought maybe I'd be able to communicate it through design if words failed me, but it appears the only working part of Hannaland today is the audio. So rather than making a playlist to post here, I'm just gonna go upstairs and watch Glee with Mike. Because like I said, the only television and movies I really love are the ones that teenage girls like. HELLO, I'M EMBARRASSING!

Also, this shirt must be added to my Christmas list.

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  1. what about coming home to meeeee??? i can yell at u for leaving me all day too