Sunday, December 4

Several Very Important Things

Life has seemed just a little bit sweeter lately. I always find myself taking a little step back to review and see what needs adjusting or what doesn't, etc. but the step back that I took today has me feeling like everything is exactly where I want it to be. New hire at work to relieve some craziness, beautiful friends that take time out of their busy schedules to take 320 pictures*, the sweetest boyfriend braving my germ-filled body and bedroom because he wants to be near me no matter what, a little black kitty that is always happy to see me, a bit of extra cash to spoil my parents with on Christmas...

It seems like there has been so much fear swirling around in people these days. It wears the mask of dissatisfaction or anger or loneliness or a number of others, but when it comes down to it, it's fear of change (immediately an image of the love-fear spectrum from Donnie Darko pops into my head hahaha). 

Here is the bottom line: If you are not happy with the events or people or situations in your life, YOU are the one that needs to change that. The better you know yourself, the less things will bother you. That is the most important truth that I've ever learned. 2008-2010 were the messiest and unhappiest years I've had, beginning with my first move to LA and ending with the passing of my Grandma Potaczala. When I finally figured myself out and learned what was truly important, all the good things started happening :) and 2011 has been the best year of my whole life. 

*Out of the 320 photos Cindy took of Brady and I at Palos Verdes yesterday, we have 10 that are worthy of a Christmas card. The others all look like this:
But there are also ones like these :)

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  1. I love you so very much darling. So glad that everything is peachy for you! You deserve the best. Now come spread your happiness to me. I can feel a tingling in my toes! Lets give NY the business!