Sunday, December 11

Time keeps on slippin, slippin, slippin into the future

I bought a ukulele. These are the kinds of impulse purchases that are made in Hannaland. Not a sweater, not a nice lunch...a ukulele. I told Brady that there are only 2 places I can go in which I CANNOT leave without adopting something: pet stores and music shops. And I already have a cat. Here, I've captured them both in one photo for your convenience (also, see previous adoptions - flute and piccolo - though those were not purchased by me and have been around for years):

The music store is only a handful of blocks away from my apartment (good to know!) and they also have lessons. I would never pay for ukulele lessons but I just might pay for flute lessons to get back into playing shape! They have a beautiful selection of guitars and said they can order other instruments as well, which makes me think I want to save up money and buy a bass flute. But really, bass flutes are a few thousand dollars at the very least and I have no reason to own one other than recreation, so that probably won't happen. They had a decent selection of books and instructional videos too. The circa-1993 VHS guitar lesson tapes were making us laugh:

My wonderful boyfriend also helped me pick up 5 big boxes from the post office. Momma and Papa Scott mailed me a ton of things from home, so we picked them up and unpacked a ton of little things that I forgot I even owned. And when we decided to drink champagne and liquor (my vodka, his whiskey) and I got just a little bit drunk, he took me to Swinger's in Santa Monica and we got chili fries and breakfast food. I just love him.

PS - I did a little redesign of my best friend's blog: seeeeeee!

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  1. You are the best <3 thanks for everything tootsie!