Monday, January 16

Got an avalanche packed into a snowball

I made a somewhat taboo move in the world of social media last night: I unfollowed EVERYONE on Twitter except for 18 accounts. All of my close friends, family, celebrities, my boyfriend, companies, etc... lately my life has felt very cluttered.

I'm gonna back up for a second. I know I feel that way due to this move I'm about to make next month, which is only a few miles away but sure is stressful to find people to take our places and rearrange funds to afford everything. In fact, I don't think I've stopped thinking about it since we found the place. Which is good because it's proving to me that it's the right thing to do. Despite the craziness, everything is falling into place; however, I have to remember who I am and how my mind works. I'm an introverted person when it comes down to it, and the only time I truly feel relaxed is when there's quiet inside my mind and in my surroundings. A week of not being able to concentrate on anything because this was in the back of my mind ended up making me feel anxious, so I had to "cleanse" ifyaknowwhatImean.

When I feel this way, all cluttered inside, it ends up making me be mean to people, which is never a good thing. I know it's silly, but unfollowing 150 people on Twitter makes me feel a lot better. Because it seemed like my entire timeline was overgrown with opinion: my friends talking about other people, blogs commenting on what celebrities are wearing, people saying things just for attention, people saying things from greeting cards and offering no original thoughts. Some days I don't mind it and I read it all to entertain myself, but lately I just don't see how any of it is important. The very few people that are left (3 or 4 actual friends I think, and the rest are all accounts like @TinyBuddha) are people that I'm not even necessarily close with, but there are similarities between us on certain levels that remind me of the life I like living.  I don't mean to say that I don't value my friends' opinions, it's just nice to have one of these 5,000 social networks devoted entirely to making me smile. I'm way too technologically connected; one network down won't bother anyone. Especially not me!

Speaking of which...I've been using Instagram more than anything else lately because being able to show people the way I see the world and seeing the same things from them WITHOUT the need for words makes me REALLY happy. So if you're on there, we should connect :) You can see what I've taken so far here.

I'm a quiet person because I'm usually practicing the concept of, "If you don't have anything good/important to say, don't say anything at all." It makes people uncomfortable sometimes, which in turn makes ME uncomfortable. A fun game I play in my head is to picture a truly quiet and peaceful place....the woods, the middle of the ocean, something...and pretend I'm sitting next to someone. The people I value most in life are the ones that can sit next to me without saying a single word- we can be in the presence of each other and know that we're thinking the same thing or enjoy our surroundings without speaking. And sometimes those people are ones that I barely know. That's why the people I'm not close to often understand me better than the ones that I see each day.

I went to LACMA with Lily and Chelsea today. Being around pop art makes me smile so big I can't help myself. Andy Warhol will forever be my favorite. I just love colors so much!! Speaking of pop art, have you heard of Niagara Detroit?! Her work is amazing...a bit like Roy Lichtenstein but more feminine and with a much bigger bite. There's a piece by her on the wall of Backstage, one of my favorite bars in LA, and I finally tracked down who it was this morning.

Speaking of art...I never did post about the show that the painting of my face was in, did I? It was wonderful. Evol and Teal covered Buckwild Gallery with art, got us all drunk off of cheap wine, and sent me home with one of the paintings. Here are some pictures from that and LACMA :)


  1. I once unfollowed almost everyone on Twitter too for the EXACT same reason. I just felt too overwhelmed, and I ended up taking a 2 month break from Twitter too. I slowly got back into (and blogging) after a few months. That internet detox was just what I needed at the time. Just go with it and maybe one day in the next few weeks or months you'll want to get back to it! You never know. Enjoy the freedom from one less social network for now :)

  2. Same thing. I call myself a writer and sometimes I have nothing to say. I totally get your love for instagram. I love the fact that we express/ share what we see rather than expressing emotion through words. You can check me here too, more pictures, less words.