Monday, January 2

Promise What You Will

January 1st never matters much to me - Nothing in my life changes or blossoms until the spring, so New Years in Hannaland is around late April or early May :) But for those of you that are hoping for a new beginning, I hope you find it.

I've been so good about coming back to LA after visiting my friends and family in New York....until this particular trip. This one just pulled at my heartstrings. I have beautiful people and a beautiful life here but there's always a tiny feeling that I still have to push past. It's not home, and it never will be. I know that - I know I don't want to be here forever, but I think I've done a really great job of working around that while living here this time around. It's not to say I'm going to run away or do any crazy one-way flight booking anytime soon, but Buffalo is always on my mind. It's a difficult city to make a career for yourself in if you're like me (aka you thrive on art and throwing yourself into new opportunities constantly) but maybe someday that opportunity will present itself to me. And then I think everything will fall right into place. I can wait for a while, I've got time...

I'm going to spare you the long version of what I'm feeling and sum up everything with this: give as much love to other people as you possibly can.

A few photos from the past 10 days:

(insert pretty airports, a ridiculous mistake on my part leading to a huge change in return flights, longlonglong layovers at ORD, one terribly turbulent flight from LAX to ORD and also the smoothest most enjoyable flight I've ever had from BUF to ORD)

Here I am. 


  1. Random, but I saw that last sentence of yours before the photos on another site that has little tidbits from blogs. Gonna try and start off this new year following that as long as I can. Thanks for throwing those thoughts on here.
    Happy new year!

  2. Thank you for stopping by!! I think I know which site you're talking about, they pull sentences where bloggers say "i feel" or "i'm feeling" right? I thought that was pretty cool :) Happy new year to you!

  3. coincidentally i also found your blog through and thought this post was lovely. i'll stop by more often!

    carrie o