Wednesday, April 11

A couple crafty ladies

I think my favorite thing about being 25 is that a lot of my friends are starting to branch out and create their own brands or products or ideas. Today I want to feature 2 of them:

1st: The lovely Daniela from Via Los Angeles. She's running a great site that features places to go, things to do, and awesome people in this veryveryvery eclectic city that we live in. Via Los Angeles is also on Facebook and Twitter. This site is full of ideas, even if you don't live in LA! I'm not a cooker, but I would definitely eat all of those recipes. Barramundi with goat’s cheese ravioli and burnt butter pine nuts?! Sign me the hell UP!

2nd: A fellow Fredonian, Natalie from H√ľndchen Designs. She makes the most ridiculously freaking adorable clothing/costumes for dogs. To make it better, she does custom orders, and 10% of each sale is donated to a no-kill shelter near her home in Utah! I think Hundchen is extra amusing to me because I picture putting my cat in these costumes. Because I'm evil. Visit Natalie on Facebook and Twitter! I can't handle these bat wings, they're just so cute:

I may feature more of my friends and/or readers in the future, depending on how the post is received. What do you think, you want to see more? Actually, what do you want to see more of or less of in general? Answers will be infinitely helpful while I'm building my reader base for this site. Thanks frands!


  1. you know im a guy so i dont read too many blogs but yours is one i like to come to. i would wear the bat wings if they made them in my size

  2. Ha, well I think blogs are great for anyone but I'm especially glad that you like coming to mine! And I AGREE, I'd wear those bat wings if I could :)

  3. I love finding out about new (to me) smaller businesses.

  4. Love crafty people doing awesome things.

    Speaking of awesome things, you just won my giveaway!