Thursday, August 2

68 and change

Have you ever seen the branding from the 1968 Olympics in Mexico? It's so colorful and interesting! Graphic Ambient has the full set of imagery if you're interested, but here are some highlights:

So beautiful!

I have 2 ideas floating around in my head for this blog, one of which will be posted tomorrow and one will be an ongoing thing for the rest of eternity. I'm excited to show everyone! I just want my content to be more share-worthy.

I haven't written in over a week?! I just realized how long it's been since my last post. What a huge fuckup, considering I just planned on posting MORE often. I can't blame myself because I've had so much going on. I'm finally finishing up a website project that was stealing my after-work time so I should have a lot more breathing room now. No more freelance projects for a long time! I like working on design projects for my friends, and by like I mean ADORE, but there just aren't enough hours in my day to make it work without me feeling frazzled.

I can't believe how many people commented, sent me messages, or sent texts/IMs about how excited they were about my plans for my blog! I didn't expect anyone to care; the post was just a thought that I felt like throwing out there to combat the seriousness of the post before it. But the fact that there is even ONE person out there, supporting the plans I have for my life and pushing me to try harder, is exciting and truly something to smile about. Thanks everybody :) You are the best motivators in the entire world.

Have you guys heard of It's a browser extension that replaces images of babies in your Facebook news feed with other pictures so you don't have to look at them. It's brand new and it has blocked approximately 450,000,000 babies from appearing in my news feed since yesterday. DOWNLOAD IT if you are anything like me. I think the bulk of my dislike for babies stems from the fact that I'm from such a small town that almost everyone has at least one kid before they're 25. There is a very small amount of tolerance in my brain reserved for the word "precious" -- when I see that word over and over IT MAKES ME DO CRAZY THINGS...

Please Franklinville friends, do not take offense. I am not insulting you or your individual baby. I am insulting my own news feed, because my own news feed is a slut that happens to have about 60 kids ;)



  1. Hahaha...I love the part about your slutty news feed.

    Does it also block mommy status updates about babies/kids being sick? Diaper disasters and other gross stuff people without children don't want to read!?

    I love the design scheme for the Mexico games. What do you think of London 2012? Too modern for such an old city? Or innovative?

    1. YES! In the options for the plugin, it gives you a space to put in keywords to block (that's how it knows what the images are of, so unfortunately baby photos with no captions will slip through). You could put in specific children's names, diapers, vomit, etc etc haha. ITS SO AMAZING. You can also select the feed for the new images. You can use an instagram hashtag or a persons feed or a feed from another site, anything. It's the best thing ever.

      I WANT to love London's branding, but it's just so messy. At least to me. I like the colors and I like the idea that it's based on, but the execution overwhelms me lol. The font they use is THE WORST! -- look at the O! WHY IS IT ROUND WHEN EVERYTHING ELSE IS MADE OF STRAIGHT LINES AHHHHH

      Plus, I don't really think it's appropriate for London. Maybe a certain aspect of London, but iiiii dunnooooo...

    2. I guess it's probably round because of the olympic rings. I just realized that. STILL!

  2. London is a city trying very hard to escape it's old timey roots, but I hate all the modern crap they keep building. These crazy modern high rises look space-aged when placed behind palaces and bridges and statues. Have you seen the mascots? They're scary. I don't mind the stylized 2012 in that font, but EVERYTHING in that font looks a bit messy.

    I thought Vancouver did a good job, but as a Canadian I'm bias. I felt like the branding reflected the city well, and the country.

    The summer games, while I still like them, are kind of dull for me this year. Oh look, China and the US have won more medals.

  3. I adore that typography soooo much! Seriously, I might leave my boyfriend for it. Okay, so not seriously.