Saturday, August 18

Ego Maniac

[all images via Martha Rich]

I love the colors.

I caved. Tomorrow I'm going to the Apple store to pick up a 27" iMac. It's a lot of money but I know I'm at a point in my career where it's becoming necessary. And you know what I'm thinking -- maybe my inspiration for blogging always pops up at work because everything looks so great on that monitor... hopefully that's true so I can start being inspired ALL the time.

Someone posted this link on Twitter earlier today and it's actually really interesting. Since I'm currently in the only real long-term relationship I've ever been in, it's helpful and reassuring to know all that stuff, since I obviously have no experience in this area :P

I could stand for LA to lose about 10 degrees of heat. I love my summer breezes and cool shade, and I do NOT love insta-sweat as soon as I step out the door. It seems like it's been 85+ every day for the last 6 years, doesn't it? This is why I'll never be able to move east of the 405. I NEED the marine buffer. Pale-ass people like me can't handle that isshhhhh

I leave you with Elaine Benes. Because I feel like doing this every time I wish someone would leave my apartment/my office/anywhere a little bit quicker.


  1. I've been contemplating a iMac purchase for ages!

    1. It feels so good to type on it. My eyes/fingers/brain are all reallllly happy :D