Friday, November 11

Round 38.

I've been doing this since I was 16 years old, jumping from Xanga to another Xanga (and then 3 more after that) to LiveJournal to Xanga to LiveJournal to a MySpace blog to Blogspot to Xanga to Facebook notes to Blogspot to Wordpress to Tumblr and now HERE I AM. I don't know why changing a URL is so appealing to me. I just don't know. But here's what I do know:

1. I have today off. It's veteran's day and most of my friends still have to work. I'm really thankful that I don't. Because this has been the worst work week of my entire life. And I've had some doozies. The only reason it was bad is because we're currently short-staffed for developers, which means I (the designer) have to do that. And I'm not TERRIBLE at it, but I certainly don't know as much as I should when it comes to creating 4 websites in 4 days. Which is a ridiculous schedule, I might add.

2. I don't intend to make this a full-out design blog, because I know I won't write in it if I do that. It's going to be a very honest blend of a few different things. I know that when I read blogs, the ones I usually feel most attached to are the ones where the writers are honest and up-front and not afraid to show that they're interested in more than just one topic. Being honest goes a long way.

3. I just ended a phone call with my best friend, a girl who is ALWAYS accepting of other people's opinions and faults no matter how crazy they are. And she's not the only person like that that I have in my life. I'm one of the extraordinarily lucky people who have a best friend, boyfriend, mother and father who are ALL that way. I don't care what you say, I know I have better people in my life than anyone else in the whole wide world.


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