Sunday, January 22

I'm just sayin' hi to your answering bell (also, nostalgia)

Ryan Adams is just so... "hi-im-a-stereotypical-singer-songwriter-and-every-white-girl-on-earth-loves-me-just-like-jason-mraz." For the record, Jason Mraz makes me swoon too. Mostly because he is an enjoyable writer. Every now and then (frequently) I get sucked into their music only to come out of my haze a few days later, wanting to dance barefoot in the grass with a beer in my hand and feeling nostalgic for summers past.

I love this song. I know it's on the Bridesmaids soundtrack in such an incredibly awful romantic-comedy part of the movie, but I don't care. I love it because it makes me think of the country in July, sitting on my parents front porch surrounded by lush forest on 3 sides. It makes me think of lemonade. And I had lemonade today! Oh yes I did. Watermelon Rosemary lemonade, from here. And after Brady and I left Lemonade, we came back to my apartment, ate our 30 dollars worth of Bristol Farms pre-made comfort food bahahaha, and then wandered down to Venice Beach for no reason. We bought 2 paintings from Gary John (mine is below; here is Brady's) and listened as he spoke in a cartoon voice, pretending to be the painting we didn't choose and wondering why he was being left behind. I LOVE when scruffy, Venice-y men create adorable art. It makes my heart happy to know that they see the world that way. He was so enjoyable to talk to! I am much more inclined to buy art on the boardwalk when the artists are friendly and warm. Some are, some aren't - but I won't buy anything from a meanie. All of my Venice Beach art has come from beautiful people :)

It's strange to be 25 years old because so many of my friends are now engaged. Someone from my past got engaged this week. It's not a jealousy thing; it has nothing to do with me missing these people or wishing I was the one getting married, most of you are aware of how bored I usually feel with the idea of marriage anyway. It just makes me think back to when they were in my life - what I was doing, how I felt, what songs I listened to, etc etc etc. It's like a little research project for myself. And I do love a good project! I think that's how I grow: looking back frequently and making sure I do things in a different way each time.

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  1. Same here, a lot of my friends who are younger than me are getting married. I'm almost 23 but still that's insane and YOUNG. Oh well!