Wednesday, March 14

Hey Verizon Customer Service!

Where should I even start?

1. My friend Mike and I moved into a new apartment together on February 11th. You shipped our first modem earlier than you said you would - which wouldn't be a problem except that you sent it to the wrong address. Good thing the people leaving our new apartment weren't shady and left it for us.
2. Once we got the modem, you couldn't get us connected.
3. You MADE YOUR OWN appointment to come service us, without asking us when we'd be available. I had to take off work to be there, because you gave us a 4 hour range of time when you'd show up.
4. The technician that you sent had serious problems setting it up for us, asked me way too many personal questions about irrelevant things, and sat WAY too close to me on my couch.
5. Mike moved out a few days ago, so we transferred our existing service to my name and he ordered a new service in his own name, at his new apartment.
6. He spent THREE HOURS on the phone with a representative (after the first one hung up), trying to make this happen. This included a 20 minute period of time where we were on hold while the (rude!!) representative told us she was switching the account to my name, yet didn't ask me for my social, my date of birth, my phone number, anything at all. When we asked why it took so long once she came back, she told us she had just been making sure everything was set up correctly!!!!!!
7. Once this representative told us things were fine, YOU SENT HIS NEW MODEM TO THE WRONG LOCATION AGAIN.
8. He called to make sure everything was OK, because at this point, it seemed as though you, as a company, were totally baffled by our very basic request.
8. Turns out, our request had never been put through even though we were told REPEATEDLY that it was, so all 3 hours of that phone call, not to mention our time and money, were totally wasted.
9. Now we're BOTH out of internet until at least tomorrow, because you have to send out new technicians.

You messed up so badly the first time that you credited us for our setup fees/bill.

You will certainly be crediting us both again, because I am not paying for this bullshit.

But truthfully, I don't even care about my bill, I care that you have THE ABSOLUTE WORST customer service I have ever encountered.

EDIT ---- 3:21 PM - now, after telling my roommate you'd call him back and haven't in the past few hours, we've discovered we might not have internet until MONDAY and you've made no arrangement for technicians to be sent out.

EDIT --- 3/21/2012 - Now that my service date has come and gone and I (of course) don't have internet like you said I would, a technician was scheduled to come to me (after an infuriating conversation with someone that did not speak English very well) at 7pm tomorrow. I made sure he said 7pm. I then received a phone call saying they'd be there between 8am and 6pm (nice convenient window, thanks!) and THEN I received a text saying "before 7"

Meanwhile, the handy twitter support told me to describe my problem on a link they sent me, and they'd contact me within 24 hours. Did they ever contact me?  Take a wild guess :)



  1. not okay....pull a dooce and get them to respond!

  2. Wait...I hate Verizon...all the time.

    They pulled this same crap when my phone just, I dunno, magically changed numbers. I understand that it was rather baffling to all parties involved, but instead of trying to help me, they said, "Welp, we've never seen this before. Unfortunately, you're not due for an upgrade for another couple of months. Good luck."

    I ended up having to call someone, talk on the phone FOREVER until they agreed to give me a new phone, because having your phone just change numbers randomly is a bit of an inconvenience.

  3. Arg! I feel your pain. Unfortunately, the almost nonexistent town I'm from ONLY has Verizon for service. True, I don't live there anymore, but the benefits of free Verizon to Verizon with all my family/friends there means I'm suckered into staying with their service.

  4. Ugh, I hate feeling so screwed over by a company! it just makes you want to pull your hair out, and then they act like they don't get why you are frustrated! My word.