Thursday, March 29


Springtime and I were made for each other. I feel amazing! I've been extra inspired lately, but I want to do so many things that I don't know where to start. Do any of you ever feel that way about creative inspiration? It's quite similar to being so excited that you can't sleep, haha. I did make my facebook page a little bit snazzier last night. It's still not what I want but it's better than what it was! Upward and onward. Maybe someday I'll have a single cohesive design thought instead of ALWAYS being so scattered and overly full of ideas. If that's my biggest problem, I think I'm in a good place :)

Those steroid drops that I've been using on my eyes are a miracle. I wish I could show you how my inner eyelids used to look compared to how they look/feel now, but I don't have any pictures. Plus it's gross. Not to me, but maybe to someone else?

I was debating in my last post whether to make a playlist of acoustic-y stuff or one that sounded like color. These songs all sound like specific colors to me. Here is some slightly inaccurate information about synaesthesia (and if ya don't knoooow, now ya know)

01. Hairy Trees (Goldfrapp)
02. What Would I Want? Sky (Animal Collective)
03. Wild Mountain Honey (Steve Miller Band)
04. Eli (Caribou)
05. I Would Do Anything For You (Foster The People)
06. Elenore (The Turtles)
07. Funnel Of Love (Wanda Jackson)
08. Sometimes (Erykah Badu)
09. Blessa (Toro Y Moi)
10. Secretly (Skunk Anansie)
11. Belong (Washed Out)
12. Originality ft. Sister Nancy (Thievery Corporation)
13. Origins (Tennis)
14. Feel It All Around (Washed Out)

Listen here. Subscribe too, if you're into that sorta thing.


  1. You're not going to tell us what colours these songs are?

    1. Hahaha I'd sound even crazier than I already do, but as an overview: Wanda Jackson and Erykah Badu are orange, Steve Miller Band is purple and blue and pink sometimes, Skunk Anansie is black, and the rest are really hard to define because they make me think of some different things all at once.

      There's also a song called St Louise Is Listening by Soul Coughing that sounds very distinctly like bold black letters on a bright yellow background. Senses are interesting.

    2. I can't say that I've ever experienced anything like that ever. Very interesting.