Tuesday, March 27


My apartment is all situated! The kitties get along! I went home to hug my family and best friend! And I have you.

Even though I was only in New York for 3 days, I felt so satisfied and ready to come back here. My friends are the best. I'm going to spare you a ton of text and just post a ton of photos instead.

The completely awesome Allison nominated me for April's blogger of the month on 20sb.net, and since my blog is so new and I'm not necessarily that active on 20sb, I probably won't get any votes. If you feel that my blog is mind-numbingly awesome, I won't mind if you throw a vote my way. You can look at the forum thread here! There's only a few days left to vote obviously, but it would make me explode with happiness if I actually became their Blogger of the Month!

Also, playlist comin atcha in the next post. Maybe it will be an acoustic sitting-on-a-porch-drinking-lemonade kinda playlist, or maybe it will sound like colors. I JUST DON'T KNOW YET.

And last but not least, Happy Birthday to my amazing Papa. I am just the luckiest person alive to have all these beautiful people in my life.


  1. You are very welcome :) Winning isn't everything, but I thought your blog was worthy of the nomination.


  2. Congrats on the nomination!