Friday, March 2


Roller coaster days.

I made a facebook page for this blog. If you love me, go "like" the page?  It's in my sidebar, just below my photo. Get to it!

After a week of eye steroids (that just sounds so silly) and all that other nonsense I had to do to begin the healing process on my poor little eyes, I am happy to report that both eyes have improved immensely! Still not great, but I sure appreciate not feeling like I'm blinking with sandpaper. I also appreciate not having to freak out about affording LASIK in the next couple months, though it will likely still happen in the next year.

On Tuesday night I wandered over to Literati to catch up with an old coworker, the delightful Samantha. I haven't seen her in over a year, which is just fucking absurd. It was wonderful to catch up, and we have a few similar goals when it comes to blogging, so we chatted a bit about that too. If you're looking for new blogs to read, I highly recommend hers! Since I'm around so many men all the time, be it gay boys or straight, I sometimes forget how great it is to just have a night full of girly things. Especially Including the pear martinis.

I also arrived at the Sabres/Ducks game halfway through the second period on Wednesday night. Don't care! Didn't get to see either goal that they scored. Don't care about that either! I was so excited to be surrounded by Buffalo people (And they are obviously Buffalo people because no one likes a Buffalo sports team for no reason, HA) and stare at the back of Lindy Ruff's head. Ryan Miller was unreal. And they won. I got to see my Sabres win, all the way over here in my little corner of the US. That's good stuff =)

It appears that I might not be totally done with the stress of moving. I'm not going anywhere, but Mike decided he can't handle being around Bella if he's allergic, so I may have to find a new roommate. I love Mike, and he's one of the best friends I've ever had, but I can't get rid of my little Bella, nor do I think it's fair to her to lock her in my (small) bedroom forever. If he does move I'll of course miss him tons, but I guess it would be nice to live with someone more similar to me.

Must like cats! Must hate pop music and love blues! Must be OK watching hockey games!

[the sky was all violet]


  1. I know exactly what you mean about how nice it is to hang out with girls. I have so many girlfriends in the South where I'm from, but all my friends out here are boys! It's nice, but just not the same.

  2. I have a black cat named Bella, too! Short for Bellatrix, though. She is the best cat I've ever had -- well, most well-behaved -- and she's crazy and does everything 110%. I'd never be able to give her up, so I get where you're coming from on that.