Thursday, February 23

Stay Another Season

You guys. I went to an eye doctor yesterday who basically told me I'm broken.

1. The inside of my eyelids are inflamed.
2. 90% of the oil glands that line my lower eyelids are not functional.
3. I am an incomplete blinker.
4. In a matter of years I will be contact lens intolerant.

So. I'm putting steroid drops in my eyes, cutting back on caffeine, drinking triple the amount of water, taking 2000mg of fish oil, only wearing contacts when necessary, taking breaks from staring at my computer screen, blinking slowly and completely, and wearing daily contacts with a weaker prescription instead of bi-weeklies. All at this Dr's request. Hopefully I have happier eyes because of it! We talked about LASIK down the road once the dryness is taken care of. I think that will have to happen, because I do NOT want these problems for the rest of my life. I can't even imagine waking up in the morning and just...seeing clearly.

Apartment pictures are going to take a bit longer. I'm not satisfied with my own bedroom and need a few other things for the living room. ALSO, my computer completely and totally died over the weekend and it will be a couple months until I can afford my iMac. I'm thankful for a work computer and an awesome roommate that's willing to let me use his laptop when I need to.

LASIK surgery and an iMac....hahaha what a very affordable grocery list I have right now ;) I also have a running Etsy list of things that I want to make my bedroom look the way I want it to. Maybe in 5 years I'll have it all?

I've been listening to this playlist. It's just a little guy, but I'd like to think it's quality over quantity :)

01. My Girl (The Temptations)
02. Since I Left You (The Avalanches)
03. If Looks Could Kill (Camera Obscura)
04. You Keep Me Hangin' On (The Supremes)
05. A Different Feeling (The Avalanches)
06. Please Mr. Postman (The Marvelettes)
07. Uptight (Stevie Wonder)
08. You Can't Hurry Love (The Supremes)
09. ETOH (The Avalanches)
10. Going Out (Supergrass)
11. Here's What's Left (RJD2)

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Are my eyes the coldest blue? You said once this was true
And if it is I don't know what I'll do
Cause I'm stuck with them, and they're stuck on you


  1. An incomplete blinker? How rude of him to call you that! :) I didn't even know that was possible. And I'm guessing that you are only a complete blinker occasionally because who can remember to do that everytime you blink? That would be enough to drive you bonkers!

  2. I didn't know that was possible either! That's a pretty involved routine you've got going on there, but I hope for the best. I've had many eye issues in the past, too-- cysts and all that lovely stuff. Once they were so bad I had surgery on both eyes...when I was 6.

    Aaand on a side note, REALLY glad I found your blog. So so pretty, and you pretty much had me at meat tornado, too.

  3. I'm a new follower but glad I saw this post! I had some issues with my eyes a few years back. Even though I was wearing the dailies I was getting ULCERS in my eyes...The Dr. told me I could never wear contacts again and so I went through with the Lasik. I told them they should slap me up on a poster because I am such a HUGE fan of the Lasik. I have worn glasses since Kindergarden so to wake up and have 20/40 in my left and 20/15 in my right is INSANE.
    :) It looks a little scary but is sooooo worth it if you are a candidate!!!

  4. Ugh! I went through some similar problems with my eyes a few years ago. I didn't wear contacts for eleven months (which SUCKED when I was working out!), I had a bunch of drops, and I got very good at flipping my eyelids inside out to check on the inflammation. Things are a little more normal, but I have to pay for daily lenses and I can only wear them for eight hours at a time. Hopefully Lasik is in my future, too! Good luck to you!

  5. Yep, you guys pretty much cemented the idea in my head...Lasik is HAPPENING! I can't believe how many people have had the same sort of trouble with their eyes, I thought I was a freak of nature or something but I am definitely not alone!!

  6. I've never used contacts. I do need them but just use my glasses when watching TV etc. Force myself to live a blurry life!