Tuesday, May 15


May will always my favorite. All seasons are easy to handle here in LA, but there's still a little extra something to appreciate about the month of May. Everything feels refreshing :)

I've been looking deep into time that's flown by lately. Everything after 6th grade has gone by quickly, sometimes so quickly that I feel like it didn't even happen at all. The only things I really pull from years past are songs and seemingly insignificant memories. I don't care about things that I did, I care about songs I heard when I was sitting on my parent's floor on a rainy day in July. That's what I remember because those are the things that have seemed to shape me more than other experiences. I remember feelings and sounds very clearly from almost any point in my life, and I can't say the same for other types of perception.

All this sci-fi talk from my last post (and a Facebook status about it too) has rekindled my love affair with the "trust no one" attitude. A friend suggested a book on Area 51 and though I'm not really the type to geek out about the government or aliens or anything like that (just relevant TV shows lol) I ordered it from Amazon and am excited to read it. Plus, it's been a while since I've read a good book. In fact, it's been since Christmas, when BV got me Sport by Louise Fitzhugh: book 3 in the little series about Harriet The Spy. He knows me so well...

I made this playlist. This stuff has been ON REPEAT lately. I don't mean a few plays a day, I mean I won't listen to anything else, and it plays all day long. I never do that!  It's a really good playlist, kids. Give it a listen.

01. Pictures Of You (The Cure)
02. Backslider (Toadies)
03. All Over You (Live)
04. Gypsies, Tramps, And Thieves (Cher) (I KNOW, SHUT UP)
05. One More Murder (Better Than Ezra)
06. Don't You Worry (Jim Noir)
07. Asking For It (Hole)
08. Man In The Long Black Coat (Joan Osborne)
09. Anemone (The Brian Jonestown Massacre)
10. Star Me Kitten (REM ft. William S Burroughs)
11. Out To Get You (James)

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  1. If I was a musician (which I'm not) I'd get you to design my album art.

    1. Ohh that just makes me smile so hard :D

  2. :( Sad. Spotify is acting up today, so i can't listen. I'll try again later.