Monday, June 4


I came home today to find a box of my grandma's jewelry in my mailbox. Going through it all made me feel like my face might just melt off of my head and into a puddle of happy all over the damn floor. She was so wonderful. I will never forget her hugs or her cheerful, drawn-out "Hiiiii Sweeeeetieeee" and little laugh every time we saw each other. She was so festive, so feisty, and the MOST generous hostess. She bought the most kickass school supplies each year and had a door covered in her grandkids' art. I will never forget how her windchimes sounded or the smell of her house or the little spider plant in the yellow pot that hung in her kitchen. I will never forget only being allowed to go 4 houses down in either direction from her house before I'd get in trouble. I will never forget the way she used to turn her right hand over on the steering wheel when she was driving, and I will never forget her riding a bicycle to work. She was just so fucking adorable and amazing.


  1. What a nice surprise! Grandma's are so special and I think it's so great that you have something so special of hers now.

    1. thank you for the comment, she was the best and I'm really glad I have some of her jewels and other treasures. I haven't taken her earrings off since I got them :) xo