Thursday, June 21

i'm a free man

My brain simply does not know where to go or what to think about next. I made a playlist because I felt like using these colors, and I've been listening to a lot of Grateful Dead and Nick Drake lately. But doesn't that Etta James song just grab your heart and twist it? I LOVE IT. Her voice makes me emotional haha.

A playlist for the fireflies

01. Cumberland Blues (Grateful Dead)
02. Free Man In Paris (Joni Mitchell)
03. I Wish Someone Would Care (Etta James)
04. Pink Moon (Nick Drake)
05. Nadine (Fools Gold)
06. Place To Be (Nick Drake)
07. It All Feels The Same (Tennis)
08. Porcelain (Better Than Ezra)
09. Fire On The Mountain (Grateful Dead)
10. Fatboy/Fat/Requiem (Meat Puppets)
11. Things Behind The Sun (Nick Drake)

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PS making Spotify playlists is so frustrating when half of the songs you listen to aren't on it!


  1. I love your design skills <3

  2. Any playlist with Joni Mitchell is a favorite of mine.
    Love the cover design. Keep it up! )

    1. Thank you so much!! I'm a sucker for JM

    2. Another Canadian artist :)

  3. Those colors do fit nicely together. ^^

    I don't think I've head of those songs, though. :p Porcelain sounds familiar, but I think the song I have titled "Porcelain" in my iTunes library - no, I'm pretty sure - is by a different band. :p

    1. Don't they feel summer-y? Who is your Porcelain track by? Thanks so much for stopping by Liza!!