Tuesday, July 3

Sunshine Days

Hello July! Do you remember the post I wrote last month about the broken kitten desperately needing donations to pay for her $2,000 veterinary bill? She had pneumonia, couldn't open her eyes, and was hovering dangerously near death. Look at this happy, healthy little creature! I've renamed her Sophia and she is the sweetest thing you'll ever meet. I've gotten little to no sleep these past 2 days because she's knocking things over, jumping on me, trying to eat things that shouldn't be eaten and just having the time of her life. She is so happy to be healthy. She follows me everywhere and purrs.

The organization I adopted her from is called Kitt Crusaders, and they are WONDERFUL. Please, if you have anything to spare and love animals as much as I do, they're in desperate need of donations to keep things running smoothly. You can go to their Facebook to see all the babies that need homes/help! I've decided that if anyone asks me what I want for my birthday/christmas this year, I'm just going to tell them to donate however much they'd like to in my name.

Things are going really well lately, across the board. Except for Sunday evening, when I got about 2 steps out of the door and realized I locked myself out and therefore had to pay $150 for a locksmith that kept asking me weird questions about my life (and conveniently left his magical locksmith key at my apartment so he had to come back last night to ask me MORE strange questions). But a little pick-me-up made up for that cost today. Everything evens out in life, babies.

Has anyone ever had violet candies? I bought them in bulk today. They remind me of being a kid. Kind of a grown-up taste for a kid to enjoy, but I was always the weird grown-up kid anyway. Tasty!

I hope all of you are experiencing just as much love and happiness as I am. xo


  1. She's so sweet. Good for you for rescuing her.

    1. Thank you love, she's beautiful! (ps surprise for you in the mail FINALLY!)

  2. Replies
    1. she is a little bean, and she makes me so happy!

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