Friday, June 15


I rarely attach myself to causes, but this sweet little kitty face is just too much for me to handle. My project manager at work announced that she needed a home this morning and sent me a link, and her story just pulled on my heartstrings in a serious way. I decided to adopt her if no one else has beat me to it yet (waiting to hear back), but $1900 of her $2500 campaign hasn't been raised yet (and I simply cannot afford to take that on myself). If you're reading this and can help, it would mean the world to me and will NOT go unnoticed! Here is a link to her little ChipIn campaign and her story.

Turns out, the consensus is that 3 cats is the limit for "normalcy" and anything over that is Cat Lady status. I have Bella, my roommate has a cat (but I won't be living here forever, obviously) so I'm golden ;)

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