Thursday, September 20

eat dance work love breathe stretch shake

Redesign complete! HELLO :)

Every time I take a little vacation or am presented with a rare weekend where I don't work at all, I think to myself, "I am really dreading going back to work," because, of course, it's awfully nice to sleep in until 11 and stay up until 3am drinking wine and laughing with beautiful people. The magical thing I've noticed is that once I DO sit down in front of a computer, there is a little switch that's flicked inside of me that turns off all laziness and dread and turns on an almost psychotic motivation. Sometimes I go to bed wondering if I've even blinked. I am, after all, an incomplete blinker...

(I have a diagnosed staring problem, teeheeeee)

I work hard. It's not that being a designer is difficult - it's certainly not - but when my work is also a hobby, lines get blurred and eventually I end up feeling like I never actually stop working. Before I started designing I felt like I couldn't relate to anyone that worked long hours or weekends, but I get it now. It's easy when you're in love with what you do :) The realization that I've made good decisions with my life tastes awfully sweet.

BV and I saw Cirque du Soleil Iris over the weekend. SO GOOD. It was like watching Moulin Rouge (the movie Ian, lol) happen 5 feet away from me. It made me want to take a trapeze class, which we all know will never actually happen. I just want it to happen in my head. On Sunday morning I dragged him to a Buffalo Bills Backers bar in Santa Monica to watch them destroy the Chiefs among tons of great Buffalonians that I should probably befriend. My boyfriend is from Kansas and is a Chiefs fan. See what a good boyfriend he is?

(does not understand how photo booths work = consistent awkward smile BAHAHAHA)

This isn't even what I wanted to post about, but I'll let it slide because it's bedtime. Some of us only got 4 hours of sleep last night. My bed is soooo comfy and soft and is using a pretty voice to call my name. Haaaaaaannna, Haaaaaannnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


  1. Yay, such pretty blogness! Love me some good design eye candy. :) I, too, have spent WAYTOOMUCH time combining work and non-work things, all of which involve being on the computer. I'm not sure how many hours I spent on the computer the other day, but it was enough to give me an eye twitch for the rest of the night. And the next day.

    Lesson: Don't get eye twitch. You WILL be shoddy behind the wheel.

    1. thank you ma'am! :D hahaha I know alllllllll about the eye twitch - they gave me steroid eye drops earlier this year because my eyes are garbage, and it made the twitch even worse. i'd be trying to design and tthheerree wwoouulldd bbee ttwwoo ooff eevveerryytthhiinngg. not to mention, it just feels really freaking weird lol

  2. this is my first visit so I have no clue what the before looks like but this looks great, I like the subtle greens

    visiting from BBN, have a sweet day!

    1. gracias lissa, i almost went with a shade of pink but the green just felt right!