Saturday, September 22

Mario Testino's (unfuckingbelievable) home

I first saw this in February but for some reason never blogged about it (probably because I was too busy drooling). If I could sum up my taste for interiors with one person's home...

All images via Vogue.

This is all extra relevant to me because I'm working on my living room now that I've got my bedroom to a point where I feel content with it. And the great thing about Testino's home is that it's actually pretty easy to pull from because a lot of this style can be found in places like Ikea and West Elm and thrift stores (and I do love me a good home bargain...the UCLA thrift store made my jaw drop and I can't wait to go back!). Needless to say I'm inspired.

I post a lot of interior photos on Pinterest, if your style is similar to mine and you want to join in on the inspiration!

Happy Saturday!

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