Thursday, November 8

Interior Design Wannabe: Chapter 03

I think I've finally gotten to a level of satisfaction with my bedroom that will allow me to focus on decorating a different room (You remember how I've said this about 5 times before? Like a week ago? ThistimeIreallymeanit...). I ordered a silver area rug last week, so I'm trying to think of things that will flow well. I have an existing giant L-shaped mushroom-brown couch and a giant wooden coffee table to take into consideration, but other than that, there's not much there.

Here's an image I've been geeking out over for the past week. This is what caused the rug purchase:

(Found it here!)

So bright, so clean, so comfortable... my floors are a similar color, and I even have a fireplace in the corner (a dark, brick fireplace that stopped turning on, but a fireplace!), but my walls are beige and I have a horribly small amount of natural light. It always looks depressing in there, and I'm finding that I'm not very good at brightening it up. I've read that darker walls in dimly-lit rooms can surprisingly open up and brighten a space, which is nice because I've been considering one dark wall. I just wish that A: painting wasn't so expensive (and inconvenient with curious kitties) and B: my walls weren't entirely BEIGE. Beige is the freaking worst. I love white walls, I love soft neutral colors, but something about beige walls just makes me want to leave a room.

Here are some things I'm considering purchasing when I have the money (so, never). I'd like to keep everything white and airy so that I can switch out art/decorations for much cheaper when I change my mind, which will inevitably happen. Plus, I like mixing mid-century modern and classic styles:

3. West Elm Origami Coffee Table (make no mistake, it's definitely more of a side table size)
4. Artilleriet Bombay Map
5. This Bruno Barbey print of Ubud, Bali, will forever be on my wishlist (the quote I got was $4,000...)
6. CB2 Sakana Pillow
7. CB2 Elevated Pillow
8.* A ton of paintings and photographs from Etsy and local artists that I'm just too lazy to list

Thoughts? Are you redecorating right now? A coworker and I keep trading ideas because he's really good with furniture and bigger pieces and I'm really good with interior styling and smaller pieces - we really should just start our own interior design boutique. But really, everyone's their own interior designer these days, right? Especially me ;)

EDIT: I think I may set up a regular apartmenttherapy-esque feature on here where I show other people's pretty homes/decorating. I'll be reaching out to bloggers and also asking around on for pretty interiors. If you think you've got a good setup, email me at excelsiorlady[at]gmail and I might feature your space!


  1. Well if I lived closer, I'd totally help you paint! I actually love painting because it is such an easy way to really change a space! Okay, relatively easy.... I wish my apartment let me paint....I've asked, but my managers insist on the ugly off-white EVERYWHERE. Keep up updated! :)

    1. holy crap, do you know how much fun we would have at a painting party? I love painting too, it's overwhelming to think about the cost and time it would take to paint my eeenntttiiiiireee apartment, sigh*

  2. You have really good taste I love it all.

    1. thank you so much! I have a feeling I won't be able to feel OK about my apartment until that origami table is in it haha. It's just so beautiful!

      PS thanks for stopping by :)

  3. Great choices. Def. make this a regular feature. I looove interior design.

    1. Thank you! I'm so glad you like it; it's definitely going to be a regular feature :)

  4. You are an interesting person, but I think it took so many expenses for the final output of your bedroom.