Monday, November 5

LA The Weird Way: Chapter 1

I'm going to start documenting the things Cindy and I do in this city as The Weird Way, because we never seem to do anything normal. A few very important things about what I'm about to show you:
  • Almost got a $20 tattoo
  • The only reason I didn't is because the cops showed up and we had to leave
  • There were free white russians for anyone dressed up as a kitty, but we all had to lap it up from bowls

Honorable mentions:
  • Found a record store on Sunday and got a couple gems for 5 dollars (Pretenders II + a book about the blues)
  • Went to watch the Bills game with a Buffalonian (Randi) and someone that might as well be a Buffalonian (Cindy)
  • PS the Bills lost, not that anyone is surprised by that
  • Saw Wreck-It Ralph in 3d...IT WAS SO GOOD YOU GUYS
  • Got to watch Nik act like a drunken fool on Friday night, while it took me about 5 years to sew kitty ears. Everyone was like, "Hanna why did it take you so long to make those ears?" BECAUSE I WAS SEWING LACE ONTO PIPE CLEANERS. I pretty much achieved the impossible. I am superwoman (catwoman* sigh)
  • Painted a dresser white. I did more crafty stuff this weekend than I've done in the past 10 years.

Coming up next on La Liste de Hanna et Cindy:
  • Shooting range
  • Rose Bowl Flea Market
  • Crayon Art
  • Chateau Marmont
  • Probably some other things that I've forgotten



  1. Bahahaha I mostly enjoyed the vision of you lapping white russians out of a bowl. Uh-ma-zing! Strong work Cat-lady! Love Elle xo

    1. Hahaha I am the cat-lady-est of them all :D PS, it's REALLY hard to drink out of a bowl!

  2. Free white Russians and all you have to do is dress up like a cat? SOLD.

  3. FANTASTIC. I love the white Russians in bowls!

    1. If you ever find yourself in my situation (lol), remember to fold the rim of the bowl flat, and you'll be able to drink without spilling it everywhere :D