Monday, February 18

The pure bliss, the camera, the delightful coming-of-age story

I planned on putting a Valentine's Day post together with edited photos with illustrations and blahhh blah, and it would have been great except for the fact that if I did that, I would've exploded internally and smoke would've started billowing from my eye sockets. So instead, I got pasta and took a long break. Sans my editing/illustration, this is the only photo that was Valentines-y:

It is the most wonderfully infuriating feeling to know that I might get what I want if I can just be patient. I, of course, am the least patient person in the world, so this is convenient.

At some point this weekend I found myself somewhere new, complete with a wobbly trumpet serenade of the bridge of Dance Of The Reed Flutes from The Nutcracker. It was such a beautiful day that I collected my thangs, found a park near my apartment, and hung out on a little bridge with some ducks while I read and wrote and took photos. Sometimes the breeze just feels so good on my skin, ya know? The only reason I moved is because eventually some annoying family appeared with their small child and wanted to take 150 pictures on the bridge, which meant that someone had to make little squealing noises at the kid to make it smile before each photo could be taken, and I could feel a giant ragestorm brewing in my brain. So I put on Crazy On You by Heart and headed home.

Speaking of Heart, I was listening to them on my way to Mike's apartment on Saturday (rekindled my love affair with them recently) when a homeless man approached me and said, "I can hear yo music, I can hear yo music" and when I laughed, he asked me what I was listening to. I replied with "Heart" and he said, "HEART?!" with a look of ABSOLUTE disgust. YOU CAN'T PLEASE EVERYONE, YOU GUYS

Sunday afternoon, while recapping an even-stranger-than-usual night/morning, Cindy and I decided that we might have a slightly odd friendship (only due to the things that we're fine with, which sounds weird but it's the only way I can safely explain it), but seriously, WHAT did I do before she came along? It's pretty important to be able to do strange shit together and not have to worry that one of us is going to end up offended or crying in a chair in the corner of the room (bahahahaaaaaa). More than anything, I think I've really needed someone that can keep up with me/someone that will let me keep up with them without making me feel pressured to do so.

I bought a Canon t3i becaaauuuuse why not? I have a blog and there should be photos on this blog that aren't lousy. There's only so much Photoshop can do with iPhone photos. I have a lot to learn but I'm getting the hang of it. My photography tutor won't let me put anything on Auto (hate that shit anyway, if I'm gonna pay 700 dollars for a camera I had better know it inside and out) so there's a lot of trial and error happening in my life right now.

And I'm not just talking about the camera.

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  1. You and Cassie both have a post about photography, posted within a couple hours of each other. I am taking this as a sign from up high that I should indulge myself a purchase a camera. It has been on my mind for a while, I just need to bite the metaphorical bullet and go for it (oh, and also save up some monies for a camera first)

  2. Yaaaay for pretteh pretteh new cameras! Isn't it the best toy ever? Martin, DO IT. Feel the peer pressure.

    1. pretteh is the best word for it. I am so smitten over this thing!