Thursday, March 21

The black, the non-black, the CONTEST

Hey everyone, ya know what's super cool about being a graphic designer that has so much inspiration shooting out of every hole that I just can't make up my mind about how I want anything to look, ever? I just end up with a closet full of black and a lot of white/black/gray designs. And a bedroom with a black wall*. Because it's easy. Because black goes with everything. Except that once you only have black, you don't have anything to pair with it except more black. And it's spring and it's almost April for Pete's sake and I'd really like to find some bright colors and patterns and textures to go with my black soul.

*Here's a peek at said wall (some color/greenery will be added to that area shortly, cause it needs it! I will NEVER get sick of the wall color though, it's perfect!) Apartment Therapy still has neither confirmed nor denied my acceptance into their bedroom thing, and I'm getting antsy because submissions ended on the 20th. It's fine either way, cause now I want to redo everything again already. CAUSE THIS IS WHAT I DO WITH MY WEEKENDS WHEN I DON'T GO OUT DRINKING.

Other than the beeeeige (when I type it like that I hear Ben Stein saying it in a very bored way, like this), it's not bad, yeah? I'd like to toss that dresser and lamp and get something nicer, but sometimes there just aren't enough funds to toss perfectly functional things, friends.

I've put together a little list of springy things. I should think about buying a couple of them. Starting with that scarf, because it's under $10.

Found: 01 / 02 / 03 / 04 / 05 / 06

LASTLY. I posted about this on my Facebook and also on 20sb in the forums, but I know I'll get the most feedback on it by going through this site so apologies if you've already read it twice now. I want to have a contest where people email me screenshots of their current blog that needs design help. I'll put them on my blog's facebook page in an album, everyone votes (friends can like the page and join in) and the winner gets a free redesign. Interested? If I can get at least 30 people that want in (which is a lot, but I gotta make sure that I'm guaranteed a decent amount of new Facebook fans/readers so the entire thing is worth the time it would take me to design a site for free on top of my standard workload, ya know?), I'll do it for sure.

Thoughts? Anyone interested?

That's all, I'm done with you. DONE WITH YOU. Go watch this video, it made me cry laughing.


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  1. I think that is a WONNNNDERFUL idea and that you should do it/people should sign up. I would've signed up, but, ya know, I wanted to design everything myself and then I did. :)

    If your room doesn't make it onto AT I will be PISSED. This is gorgeous. They're probably just swamped with submissions, though. You are making me want to paint some shit black so hard right now.

    1. PAINT SOME SHIT BLACK. I'll save my remaining half-gallon of black paint for you.

  2. I agree with Cassie, it would be an outrage if you didn't get picked. That color is perfect and everything just pops.

    I love the whole concept of contest so I say go for it. Maybe you can have a note on there that the contest will only happen if you get at last 30 entries? To make it more challenging or something?

    I've never held a competition/contest on my website, can you tell?

  3. Hey! I just found your fun blog from your mix playlist on pinterest! Funny how things like that line up, huh? Anyway, i'm your new follower! I love that idea for a contest! I'd be sure to share!


    1. Ahh thank you very much for following, It's lovely to "meet" you! Hope you enjoyed the playlist, I thought it was funny that West Elm picked my strangest and most eclectic playlist to share hahaha

  4. I mention on the 20sb forums, but in case you don't catch it, using Facebook and/or any of its features as a voting mechanism is against their terms. More info @

    I really love that wall coloring... I've always felt like black would make a great wall color. There are so many ways to dress it up and dress it down! :) Lighting truly is everything, after all!

    1. For some reason the black really brightened up the room, which is strange since it's a space that has VERY little natural light streaming in (neighboring building is taller and blocks everything). I'm really happy with the way it turned out!

  5. That wall is wonderful. A wonderwall, if you will. You're my wondeeeeeerwaaaaaall.