Monday, February 6

Babalú-Ayé spins on his crutches

You'll have to bear with me when it comes to this blog - I'm in the middle of moving so all of my spare time is dedicated to packing and excitement. I love packing! I've said it plenty of times but being in transit makes me so happy. I thrive on knowing I'm going somewhere new. I even made myself a packing playlist, made of songs I've packed to in the past. I'm weird, man!

Cindy and I drove down to San Diego on Saturday. I AM IN LOVE. We spent some time in the Gaslamp district and it all reminded me so much of downtown Buffalo, except with more variety and an ocean in walking distance. We ate, shopped and watched a few bands play at Soma, which has the most disgusting bathrooms I've ever seen in my life.

I've been in need of some clarity lately. I think I finally got it today :) No need to say more.

Here is a list to remind myself of all the things I REALLY want to blog about but have no time for yet:
- Bali / Rhythm of the Saints / Bruno Barbey
- Illustrations to accompany a story written by a really awesome coworker
- Photos of new apartment
- San Diego in depth

I leave you with these:


  1. I also love packing and moving! So I totally get you there. Good luck with the move!

  2. The Gaslight is a lot like Elmwood street (i don't live in either place, but I've been to both!).

    Cute pics :)

    1. You've been to both too?! That's so cool! Elmwood was exactly what I was thinking of when I said that...also the little stretch of downtown Buffalo where the subway goes :D AH it makes me so excited that someone else actually knows what I meant!

    2. i was just down at the house of blues in the gaslamp district. i have very mixed feelings about san diego. it's probably because i'm a born and raised orange county kid.

      love, little.