Thursday, February 16

Flattery via Imitation, Bruno Barbey, and Amherst Avenue

HELLO! I am all moved into my gorgeous new apartment, but that will be covered later.

Jessica Hische is a designer that wrote a great post a few months ago that applies to waaaywayway more than just the art world; she describes the difference between being inspired by someone's work and just straight up copying it. It's obviously relevant because of SOPA/PIPA. It's also relevant because Pinterest is in the news due to the influx of new members posting things that they have no source for. It's not JUST the new people of course, but I do think Pinterest used to be more of an inspiration for creatives and is becoming another Tumblr-esque dumping ground for cross-processed photos with quotes like, "and every time he kissed me time stood still" over the top of them (GAG!!!! If you're into those, I'm sorry for hating on them. I'm also sorry that you have disgustingly awful taste in imagery.).

The reason I bring this up today is because lately I've noticed things I do being duplicated elsewhere. Of course, the people that are most likely to do this are also the ones that speak in song lyrics/greeting cards and rarely, if ever, have their own shit to say in their own way. It's not just me that they're imitating, but it's still pointless. How is anyone supposed to respect you if everything you say/do belongs to someone else? There is only room for one Hanna in Hannaland and the same goes for everyone else!

The bottom line: drawing inspiration to better ourselves is a beautiful and necessary thing. Stealing someone's designs, words, a complete waste of brainpower and is the reason awful things like SOPA/PIPA exist to begin with. If you can't bring yourself to create your own beauty, then at least give others credit for theirs.


I moved! My apartment is beautiful and I will post pictures once it's totally finished. My room is smaller and closer to common areas, but I've gained so much more than I've given up! I have a big to-do list for purchases, but down the road I will be spending way too much money on this print by Bruno Barbey. It's the exact photo that Paul Simon used on the back cover of his Rhythm of the Saints album: one of my favorite albums of all time. I always thought it was taken in South America since that was where Simon found his inspiration for that album, but turns out it was taken in Ubud, Bali! I am DYING to go to Bali, so there's even more reason for it to live in my bedroom. It's a huge purchase, but I've wanted it for years and years and have had no luck tracking down the photographer/photo until recently, and I'm positive it will be something I'll love every single day forever and ever. :)

He also took this one (another interesting shot with such great color!):


  1. I hate it when people blatantly steal. The misattributed Pablo Picasso quotation about great artists is not true. Great artists are inspired by their peers, but they make it their own :)

  2. Glad you love your new place! Looking forward to pictures once you're all settled.

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